January 2017
Now that I can stop to take a quick breath trying to get settled I wanted to take a minute to send you a message. 
As I told you on the phone I worked for a moving company in college, BUT my memory must be shot, because my wife and I had no idea what we were getting into. Plus, how much we had accumulated through 3 kids and our 9 years of marriage. Needless to say, we were pretty much paralyzed with stress and couldn’t get more than fraction ready for the move. 
When my doorbell rang last Monday morning at 9am sharp, I seriously felt like I was walking to the front door to greet the Grim Reaper with a huge knot in my stomach. 
Then I met Jim and Richard. From the first walk thru they instantly took my stress level down at least 75%. Never once did they  complain, make us feel bad, nothing. First class the entire time. Everyone from your company that you sent was great, and there is no way we could have done it without them. 
You’re probably used to hearing that about Jim and Richard. I can see why Jim has made a career out of it, and Richard is his right hand man. I would be extremely  surprised if you have any owner/operators better then Jim.
If I can write a letter, or give any other type of testimonial for these guys I am more than happy to do so.  
Thanks again for your help, and I wish you a very happy 2017. 
Seriously happy customers,
Brad and Courtney
Brad and Courtney - McNaughton Customer
West Virginia to Pennsylvania

July 2016

Berry and I want you to know that the move of July 1 and 5 went very smoothly.  Henry assured Berry that our things would arrive in good condition and they did.  This was an accomplishment because our apartment building has a makeshift "loading dock", narrow corridors, and tight corners leading to the freight elevator.

Despite the obstacles, Henry and the crew were good humored and nice throughout the day (this was true at both ends).  In addition to the physical obstacles, the staff at our destination is particular about how things are done, and I appreciate Henry's flexibility and diplomacy in dealing with that.  Thank you very much for giving us a fair and informative estimate and for sending a thoroughly professional crew to handle the work.

Berry and Donald

Berry and Donald - McNaughton Customer

I cannot express my gratitude and thanks to your entire crew that helped us move from Harrisburg to Somerset, PA. They were very professional and cautious with truly our life possessions. They made a daunting task very easy and fun at times. I would recommend you to anyone making a move. Great job guys!

Bill Farris - McNaughton Customer
Somerset, PA

Just a follow-up on my short call from the car on the way out here to Oklahoma…..  Again, I want you (and the rest of top management) to know how impressed we were with your packing—Tim and Whitey—and loading—Ron, Pete & crew—teams.  Real pros all!   Pleasant and informative and boy oh boy did those boys work hard!  No standing around smoking cigarettes for any of them.   We could barely get them to stop long enough for a bite of lunch.   In a word, Janet and I couldn’t be happier with The McNaughton Team.

Jim & Janet - McNaughton Customer

My wife and I would like to thank you for getting the move scheduled in a timely fashion, accurately estimating the amount to be moved and for providing an excellent group of guys to load/unload our belongings as we made the transition from Erie to Somerset, PA, in early August.

The crew, Adam, Colby and Jay, arrived on time Saturday, and loaded the items in an efficient and professional manner.  I was very impressed with their work ethic and professionalism.  On the delivery date, the crew again arrived on time and made quick work of unloading our belongings.

The McNaughton Brothers moving crew displayed great care while the items were packaged in the truck and upon delivery at our new address.

Thank you again for making our move effortless and seamless as my family and I begin the next chapter in Somerset, Pa.

Mike S  8/21/2013

Mike S - McNaughton Customer
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