How To Pack Clothes When Moving

Not many people would consider moving a fun process, but it is often the start of a new chapter in one’s life. If you are like most of us, you have more clothes to pack than just about anything else you own. Here are some great tips on how to pack your clothes in an efficient, space saving manner.

How To Pack Clothes For Moving


We all have belongings in our homes that we do not need anymore. This is especially true when it comes to clothes. Before you even pack the first box, go through your closets and decide which items you want to donate to the local thrift store or just simply throw away. Your holiday sweater from 1999 may not fit anymore or be considered fashionable in today’s world. Declutter your wardrobe, so you only pack the clothing that you still use and enjoy.

Save Your Back – Use Small Boxes

While it is easy to carry one pair of pants or a shirt, a pile of clothing can get really heavy. So as you pack your clothes, stay away from using large, bulky boxes. You won’t believe how heavy they can become once they are full. Use small boxes to pack sweaters, shoes and other heavier wardrobe items.

Only Pack Clean Stuff  

If you happen to have a pile of clothes that needs to visit the washing machine, don’t pack it until you have done some laundry. Putting unclean clothing into moving boxes will just make things more difficult when you arrive at the new place. You will also feel really good when you start unpacking and everything is fresh and ready to go.

Separate Off Season Clothes Into Their Own Boxes  

A good strategy to follow when packing clothes is to not mix items that do not belong together. For example, if you are moving in the middle of summer, putting your warm weather attire in the same box with a bunch of hats, mitts and scarfs will only cause more work for you when you start unpacking. Separate off-season items and put them in their own box. This will reduce the amount of boxes that you have to open and organize when you arrive at the new place.

Leave Clothes In Drawers

Dresser drawers can act as ready made boxes for your clothes. Whether you remove the drawers for easier transport or leave them in the dresser, this trick will save you time and maybe even a couple of bucks on box costs. If you do leave the drawers in the dresser, be sure to secure them with tape to prevent them from falling out during the journey.

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Most people have a lot more clothes than they realize. It is only when you are faced with the task of packing them all up do you discover just how many you have accumulated over the years. By donating or tossing the ones you don’t need anymore, using small boxes, washing everything before you pack it, separating clothes by season and leaving items in dresser drawers if possible, you will be well on your way to an efficient and enjoyable wardrobe packing experience!

Happy Packing!