Moving Questions (FAQ’s)

Packing Services

We definitely do as part of a larger household goods move. We do move them as stand alone items, but reserve the right to do so on a case by case basis depending, upon the individual circumstances of each move. Please call us directly for a quote!

Can McNaughton Moving & Storage help me pack?

Absolutely. We can have professional packers come to your residence and pack everything. There is an additional charge for this – please visit this page for more information:

Do I have to disassemble my furniture?

Our crew will dismantle beds and remove the table legs, as well as detach bookshelves from desks and perform any other minor disassembly necessary to transport your goods safely. These services are included in the cost of your move. Some items, depending on the labor involved, are the customer’s responsibility to take apart. If you have any questions about a specific item, please discuss this matter with your relocation consultant.

Do you charge extra to pack?

Pack is a ‘broad’ term that needs more context. To movers it means box everything up. Customers often take ‘pack’ to mean load the truck. McNaughton doesn’t charge additional to load the truck, that is included in the cost. We do provide packing (boxing) services and there is an additional cost for this service.

Packing & Moving

Do you do small moves?

Yes, we do small local moves. Please call for a Quote.

Can I leave the drawers full?

Dressers can stay full so long they only contain clothes, linens, blankets, towels, pillows, etc. All other drawers must be emptied.

The drawers of dressers and chests may remain full as long as they contain clothes, blankets, pillows and other soft items. However in the case of desk drawers, you must empty them. China cabinets should be emptied and the contents packed. And even though cabinets and entertainment centers could have drawers filled with soft items, they should also be emptied before the move. Please call our office if you have any questions regarding these guidelines.

What if I am not moving out of Pennsylvania?

We can also move you within the state of Pennsylvania.

Can McNaughton Moving & Storage move my personal vehicle?

Yes, we can.

We can move autos inside our vans with your household goods but this is not a service we can typically offer because of the amount of household goods tonnage that needs to be hauled. We can direct our customer’s to third party auto haulers and even get pricing for them and include the cost with their household goods shipping costs so that they only have to make one payment.

Can McNaughton & Latrobe Moving & Storage move me from any state?

Yes, we can do ANY interstate move (from one state to any other).

Can McNaughton & Latrobe Moving & Storage move my pet?

Arrangements can be made to move your pet(s).

Do you move out of state?

Yes, we do interstate and international moves. Our interstate carrier is Allied Van Lines and we set up international moves through Allied International.

Is your storage facility accessible to get to?

It is but this will typically cause labor charges. Household goods are stored in large wooden vaults that are fork lift portable and they are stored in a racking system. If a customer needs to remove items early it will induce labor costs for us to de-vault the items and then re-vault the items remaining in storage. If a customer anticipates needing to remove items early, there are ways to plan to help minimize the labor costs associated with doing so.

Do you move baby grand pianos? I have a Yamaha GC1 (627 lbs.) moving from Export PA 15632 to Rexburg ID 83440.

Yes, we move pianos and will move them on a stand alone basis. Please contact us directly for a Quote!


Are you liable for my possessions?

We are liable on the minimum basis of $0.60 per pound per article (the industry standard). However, we also offer Extra Care Protection, which covers your goods for their replacement value. Please contact your relocation consultant for details.

Are you liable for the contents of my boxes if I pack them?

We are liable for cartons that are packed by the owner. For instance, if there is visible damage on a carton you packed, then we are liable under the particular level of valuation you selected. However, this damage must happen while it is in the carrier’s possession. We are not liable for the contents of a carton that has no visible damage. But, if we packed the carton, then we are liable for all the contents under the particular valuation level you have selected.

Do we weigh the truck?

If your move goes over 40 miles within the Commonwealth, the truck will be weighed. On interstate shipments your truck will be weighed if you are given a weight based estimate or a not to exceed estimate. If you are given a binding interstate estimate the truck will not be weighed.

Are you liable for press-wood furniture?

Press-wood (or particleboard) furniture is purchased flat-packed (factory-packed) and assembled within your home. Furniture like this is not designed to be moved in an assembled state (it typically cannot bear the stresses of relocation). In these situations, our customers have two options: we can move the item assembled, but you will be asked to sign a waver absolving us from any liability for it. Or, you can choose to disassemble it on your own or have us disassemble it. In our professional opinion, disassembling it will result in the safest move.