A Quick Moving Checklist

If you are planning to move out of your apartment, there are many things to take care of before the big day arrives.  Not only will you need to pack up all of your stuff and get it ready for the moving truck, but you will also want to leave your old place in excellent condition so you can get your security deposit back. Here is a great checklist of must do items to make sure that your upcoming move out goes smoothly.

Renter’s Checklist Before Moving Out   

Give Proper Notice  

Most rental leasing contracts require you to give the property owner or management company a designated amount of notice before you move out.  A majority of rental agreements stipulate that a minimum of 30 days notice be given. This gives the building owner plenty of time to advertise the vacant space and schedule any maintenance items like painting, cleaning or repairs. Failure to give proper notice could cause you to lose your security deposit. Plan ahead so you can give your landlord the required amount of notice as stated in the lease. It will be well worth it when your deposit check quickly arrives in the mail.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Another major friction point between building management and soon to be former tenants is the condition of the apartment, townhome or single family home when you leave it. Take the time to clean everything as best as possible, so you do not incur any extra charges when your lease ends. Make sure that the fridge is emptied of all food and wipe the inside down with a good cleaner and brush.

Painting & Fixing Holes

Renters are certainly allowed to put small holes in the walls to hang up pictures or mirrors while they are living in an apartment, but many landlords expect tenants to patch the walls up when their lease ends. In addition, if you painted any rooms a non-traditional color, it is best to return them back to a neutral shade. You are not expected to repaint the entire place before you go, but if you cause the building’s owners any extra work, they will most likely charge you for it.

Disconnect The Cable & Utilities

Many people forget to call the cable company and utilities to inform them of the date that they will be moving out. This is very important because these businesses may continue to charge you for their services until they are officially notified of your departure. Let them know well in advance the day you plan to leave, so you are not held responsible for any charges moving forward.

Wrapping Up Your Moving Checklist

Moving is a complicated process that involves the management of many details simultaneously. As you plan to relocate to a new place, don’t forget to leave your old apartment in excellent condition. By giving proper notice to your landlord, cleaning everything, patching holes in walls, repainting any non-standard colors and disconnecting your cable/utilities at the right time, you will be able to leave your former residence in an orderly fashion and prevent any arguments about getting your security deposit back.

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