How to Pack Your TV For Moving

There is plenty to think about when moving, not least of all everything that needs to be packed. If you’re wondering how to pack your TV for moving, you’ve come to the right place. Follow our simple steps to carefully start packing a TV for a move. Read on to find out how to pack a TV for moving day.

Packing TV for Moving

While most items can be carefully packed away in cardboard boxes, there are some items which pose more of a challenge than others. Your TV is, or should be, one of these items. However, with the right packing materials and a plan in place, packing a TV for a move is simple and achievable.

How to Pack a Plasma TV for Moving

The steps and guidance in this blog post assume the mover is looking to determine how to pack a plasma TV for moving, or any kind of LCD or flat screen TV. However, these instructions can certainly be adjusted to suit any size or type of TV. Simply find a box big enough and take sufficient care, as below.

Packing a TV

Packing a TV for a Move

Step 1- Gather Packing Materials

Your first step to packing a TV for a move is to collect all the packing materials you will need. This includes:

· A box that your TV will fit in (preferably the original packaging)

· Blankets or comforters without zippers or fastenings

· Rope to tie your blankets in place

· Labels and zip lock bags to store wires

Step 2 – Remove Cords & Detachables

The second step is to prepare your TV for moving by removing as many detachable parts as possible. Any DVD players or devices should be removed and packed separately to the TV. Power cords and other wires should each be carefully removed, and labelled, so that you can remember how to set up your TV again upon arrival. Place labelled power cords and accessories in zip lock bags to keep them safe and organized when packing your TV for a move.

Step 3 – Pad The Screen

The screen is the most delicate and easily damaged part of your television and should be protected accordingly. A great way to protect your TV screen during a move is to wrap blankets around the screen and tie them in place. Packing paper, taped to the screen, can also help prevent scratches. Plastic wrap, or the packing materials in the original TV box are also great options when packing a TV for a move.

Step 4 – Keep The Box and Repakage It

The next step is to pack your TV in a box to ensure further safety. The very best box to use is of course, the box it came in, which was specifically designed for protecting this particular TV. If you have extra packing materials from the original purchase too, that’s even better. Be sure to make use of these if you have them, when packing a TV for a move.

If you do not have the original box and / or packaging your TV came in, you can still sufficiently protect your TV. Choose a box with a little extra room (just two or 3 inches) between the TV and the box. Use blankets to pad the box out so that the TV is secure for the move.

Step 5 – Load The Truck

Pack the TV in the moving truck. There are three important considerations when deciding where to position the TV.

– Choose an upright position for the TV.

– Choose the TV to be higher off the ground rather than on ground level, so it is out of the way of falling objects.

– Position other items around the TV to secure it in place.

– Use cords or rope to further secure its position, but avoid the rope touching the screen.

– Do not face the screen against the wall.

Step 6 – Gently Unpack

Take care to unpack the TV as carefully as it was packed. Use two people to carry a large TV, and unpack it and move it to an upright position as soon as possible.

Set up a suitable TV wall mount or stand to support your TV in your new home. If the TV has been outside in hot or cold temperatures, wait for it to come back to room temperature before plugging it in.

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