How to Pack Wine Glasses

When you’re moving to a new home, it’s likely that you will have fragile items that need to come with you. One thing you’ll need to figure out is how to pack wine glasses so they don’t break during transport. Take a look at these fast and easy tips for keeping your wine glasses intact during the trip.

Only Keep the Wine Glasses You Intend to Use

Moving is a great time to get rid of unused or damaged items. You may have some wine glasses that are worn, chipped or broken. If you’re struggling with how to pack wine glasses for a move, discard the ones you don’t think you will use. This will save you both time and money.

Choose the Correct Box When Packing Glass Items

Making sure your wine glasses don’t break in transport starts with the correct packaging. Pick a sturdy box with dividers so that each wine glass has a place to sit, this way, your glasses won’t clang together. Ask for marketplace bottle boxes from your local grocer. Depending on the shape of your items, these could also be useful when planning out how to pack dishes and glasses for moving.

Get the Right Packing Materials and Begin Placement

Soft but stable packing materials are great at keeping fragile items like wine glasses intact. Place paper or “bubble wrap in the globe of each wine glass. Then, wrap each glass individually with more paper. Put each glass into a divider section with the stem of the glass upside down.

Pad, Layer, Repeat to Protect Your Wine Glasses

Once you’ve packed your first row of wine glasses, it’s time to layer. Make sure to get some box dividers so that you can separate each section of wine glasses as much as possible. After you’ve placed the divider over the first row, repeat the packing sequence until you reach the top of your box. Before sealing it off, add one more layer of packing material for extra cushion.

Don’t Over-Do it When Packing Your Wine Glasses

If you have a lot of wine glasses or fragile glassware, make sure you have enough boxes to do the job. The worst thing you can do when determining how to pack glass items for moving is to come up short, causing you to stuff too much glassware into the same box. Not only will you have the dangers of broken glass to deal with, but buying new glasses can be expensive.

Label it and Secure it

Maybe you’re tired after making that long distance move. It’s time to get your items into your new home. You take a box inside but set it down too hard and the wine glasses break. Label your box to indicate there are fragile items inside so you haven’t wasted your time carefully packing. During the initial pack, make sure you properly tape and secure the box to avoid your glasses falling out.

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